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    SINCE 1951

    What kind of restaurant concept would have seven decades of operating experience, plus a team of dedicated servers and managers — many of whom have been employed there for thirty years? We’d say it would have to be a very special place.

    Kelly’s Roast Beef has the nostalgic charm of an era gone by, yet it fits perfectly into the hustling schedules of modern consumers.

    Back in 1951, two business partners, Frank V. McCarthy and Raymond Carey, came together to start a fun new foodservice concept. They named it after their best friend, and opened their doors to hungry customers. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Today, we’ve expanded our brand across the Boston area, where we serve a wide array of meals made to order using only the freshest ingredients. Our late-night drive-thru has been a crowd favorite for more than 60 years!

    Kelly's Franchise
    Kelly's Sandwich


    A Kelly’s Roast Beef restaurant franchise is truly special, and now you can own one of your own.

    Our team is looking for likeminded individuals who will love our brand like we do, and let our delicious sandwiches speak for themselves. If you have ever thought about investing in a restaurant franchise to further your professional career, you should consider Kelly’s Roast Beef. Visit our locations, meet our people. Have a seat and enjoy a sandwich. Let’s talk.

    A Franchise Program That Excels in Multiple Ways


    All About Kelly’s Roast Beef

    Offer guests a taste they’ll crave

    Kelly’s Roast Beef Restaurants are sandwich-oriented restaurants, featuring freshly prepared sandwiches, succulent seafood, fries, onion rings, and our legendary roast beef. Your restaurant will offer signature décor that features carousel horses and murals from the Boardwalk, circa 1950. It’s a systemized business model easy to adopt, and it’s waiting for you to get started.

    An Incredible Opportunity

    Don’t take our word for it. Kelly’s Roast Beef is well renowned

    The Food Network. The Boston Globe. PBS. WHDH TV7 even called us “New England’s Best.” We’ve been mentioned in films, heralded across TV and radio, and visited by many. We are an iconic brand in a huge and growing industry, built on excellent customer service and proprietary recipes that can’t be beat. Ask anyone why we’ve been voted “Best in the City,” and they will tell you. This is a brand you want to be a part of: a restaurant concept that sandwich-lovers will be thrilled to visit.



    Premium Support

    We’re proud to show you the way, and we’ll stick by you, too

    There is a reason we have been in business since 1951, other than our delicious food. It is because of our people, the Kelly’s Roast Beef family and network. Nobody honors our history like we do, and now you will be able to, as well. We’ll share all our combined knowledge, teach you the important aspects of operating Kelly’s Roast Beef locations, so that you can be as proud of your restaurants as we are of ours.

    We are seeking restaurateurs and experienced business professionals

    Are you familiar with the restaurant industry, or avidly business- or franchise-savvy? We are looking for people with a little bit of know-how and a lot of determination and enthusiasm. We’ll show you the rest. The restaurant franchise business requires hard work, but the rewards can be as huge as the potential. If you are looking for your next big venture, then Kelly’s Roast Beef may be just the right fit for you

    Guests Love Us

    "I got a classic 3 way (mayo, sauce, and cheese) and fries. I really enjoyed it. Made me home sick. You cannot get roast beef sandwiches like this outside of the North Shore. I hope some brave soul will move south and open up one of these places for all of us sad transplants."

    "Two words: lobster roll! Their lobster rolls are the best I've ever had. The lobster is very delicious and fresh." – Desirae, L., Yelp

    "It’s been years since I had their roast beef sandwich. Flew in yesterday and first stop was of course Kelly’ delicious. I grew up on Kelly’s and truthfully enjoyed this roast beef as much as i did when I was younger... maybe more so. Kudos for keeping your quality standard for years." – Linda D., Facebook

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