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What’s New With The Kelly’s Roast Beef Franchise Program

It’s Finally Happening – People Won’t Need to Travel to the North Shore to Experience the Iconic Kelly’s Roast Beef

Aaaahhh, the taste of summer. Kelly’s Roast Beef has been filling the bellies of beachgoers along the North Shore for more than a half century. Known for its original roast beef sandwiches and mouthwatering lobster rolls, people raised in and around Boston equate the iconic brand with their childhoods and look to pass their favorite food pastime down through their families.

Now, chances are those same people can enjoy the tastes of home – sandwiches, sea plates, onion rings and chowder – no matter where they move to, because Kelly’s Roast Beef has implemented a franchising program to expand the brand beyond its Boston area borders.

For those who monitor the U.S. restaurant industry, they see steady, standout growth for the fast casual restaurant sector, a step up from common quick service. Add to that a beloved brand that has stood the test of time, and you will witness a new iconic nationwide family restaurant franchise brand in the making.

As the popular restaurant, known for their roast beef sandwiches and lobster rolls, expands, they invite likeminded individuals who are interested in business ownership to explore the Kelly’s Roast Beef franchise opportunity.

For more information about this one of a kind family restaurant franchise opportunity, please call (781) 514-6046 or email